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Matcha Kudzu Tea

₪ 12.66

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Sakuranan Food Co., Ltd.


Matcha Kudzu Tea

₪ 12.66

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The blend of rich taste of uji-matcha and mild thickness of yoshino-kudzu (arrowroot), with roasted flavour of arare (rice biscuits).

Ingredients: Sugar, potato starch (non-GMO), arrowroot powder, arare (rice biscuits)
Made in Japan
Serving Instructions: Add 150ml of boiled water to a packet (25g) and stir well to serve. Adjust water amount to your preferred thickness. *When the water is not hot enough, the beverage loses its thickness and becomes clouded. In this case, reheat in microwave. Can also be stored in refrigerator and enjoyed as cold matcha kudzu tea.
Please note: Serve carefully when handling hot water.
Storage Instructions: Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid heat and moisture. Keep in room temperature.
Manufacturer: Onan Foods Kabushiki Kaisha
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Item No. V00505999028

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