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Note, Memo

KYOTO seisuke88 Mini Uchiwa Fan

₪ 28.34

In Stock V06103XXX028

Note, Memo

KYOTO seisuke88 Mini Uchiwa Fan

₪ 28.34

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A mini uchiwa fan doubled up as a greeting card.

This handy fan with a Japanese traditional pattern works
as a fan but you can also write messages to use it as a greeting card.

In Japan, sending greeting cards during the summer has been
a custom and our way of showing our loved ones that we care.
Even in uncertain times like now, sending your little message of "How are you?"
might bring a smile to your friends and family's faces.

It'll also make a great gift for anyone that loves collecting greeting cards.
Also, by putting a stamp on the envelope included in the set, you can actually send the card
by domestic mail.

<About seisuke88>
Seiji Takahashi, the founder of seisuke 88 and a third heir to 
Takahashi Rensen Corporation discovered incredible old obi patterns
and prints of Nishijin Ori in the warehouse owned by Kyoto Nishijin Ori's
design house, Hishiyazenbei (established in 1804). 

Mr. Takahashi created a factory brand seisuke 88 in hopes of bringing
these old design patterns back to life while adding a contemporary twist.

■Color: Choose a color from the drop-down menu.
1. Kacho Marumon TWH
2. Manju Kikumon TGRY
3. Wave BK
4. Hana Tatewaki TBLU
5. Aboshi ni Chidori TRD
6. Kibutsumon LYL
【Mini Uchiwa】H19.2㎝ x L11.4㎝ 
【Envelope】12cm x 23.5cm
■Material: Paper, Bamboo (Tamenuri Finish)
■Made in Kyoto
■Brand: seisuke88
■Manufacturer:Takahashi Rensen Corporation
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 22
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 25
Kacho Marumon TWH 4580492363099
Manju Kikumon TGRY 4580492363112
Wave BK 4580492363075
Hana Tatewaki TBLU 4580492363082
Aboshi ni Chidori TRD 4580492363105
Kibutsumon LYL 4580492363068

Item No. V06103XXX028

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