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  9. Shiki Shokusai Yuba Tofu 100g

Cooked food

Shiki Shokusai Yuba Tofu 100g

₪ 12.56

In Stock V01939999028

Cooked food

Shiki Shokusai Yuba Tofu 100g

₪ 12.56

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This yuba (tofu skin) mixed tofu is made by a tofu shop in traditional Kyoto Machiya townhouse. Kuzu powder (starch) is carefully kneaded into the freshly squeezed Japanese soy milk from .

■ Ingredients:【Yuba Tofu】 Soy milk, starch (sweet potato · kudzu), mirin, agar 【sauce】soy sauce, bonito extract, mirin, sugar, kelp extract, salt 【Wasabi】 horseradish, wasabi, salt, vegetable oil , Starch, sorbit, cellulose, thickener, coloring agent, cyclic oligosaccharide, fragrance, vitamin C, acidulant, emulsifier 

■ Contents: 100 g 

■ Country of Origin: Japan 

■ How to eat: Cut into appropriate size and place in container. Enjoy with attached wasabi. Also recommended as an ingredient for soup

■ Note: This kuzu does not include additives, so it may become hard when it is cold. Return to the original texture by warming 

■ Store at room temperature. Avoid places with heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. 

■ Manufacturer name: KYO GOZAN Co., Ltd.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V01939999028

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