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Hasami-yaki Bowl (camellia design)

₪ 517.65

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Okayama Suzukaya


Hasami-yaki Bowl (camellia design)

₪ 517.65

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Hasami-yaki pottery has a 400-year tradition and is a Japanese household favorite to this day. “Rinkuro” is a pottery that has been making Hasami-yaki products since 1968. It strives to provide unique, high-quality Ko-imari design products. Enjoy the long-loved traditional designs. Perfect for gifts and serving party dishes. 

■ Size(㎝): Diameter20×H10

■ Weight: 800g

■ Weight (including packaging): 1320g

■ Materials: porcelain

■ Made in Hasami city, Nagasaki

■ Brand: Hayashi Kuro Kiln 

■ Precautions: Do not use in a microwave or dishwasher. Do not use bleach or cleansers, as it may cause color loss or damage. We recommend hand washing with neutral detergent. There may be variance in color from product to product. The product may be slightly angled but there should be no practical problem

Item No. V02601999028

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