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Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Seigaiha (pattern of waves)

₪ 462.94
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In Stock V05279999028
Tajima Glass


Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Seigaiha (pattern of waves)

₪ 462.94

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This set includes a Mt. Fuji glass made using a traditional glassware craft 
called "Edo Glass", and a tanned deerskin coaster with patterns drawn 
on the surface with vivid lacquer, which is also a traditional craft called "Inden".

Production of Edo Glass dates back to the Edo period (18th century) and what distinguishes 
Edo Glass from the glassware made by mass production is that
each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen with unique and exquisite design. 
The traditonal technique of Edo Glass has been passed down for generations and 
has acquired status as Tokyo's signature industry.

The Mt. Fuji sculpted at the bottom of the glass is as beautiful and immortalized as the real one 
and reflects the color of the drink you pour into the glass.

The coaster is also designed and handcrafted by the artisans at "Maekawa Inden", 
an Inden craft shop in Asakusa famous for their resolve to keep tradition alive while also
thriving for progressions.

This set will give you the opportunity to enjoy two of the most distinctive, 
renowned traditional crafts in the world at the same time.

Comes in a beautiful wooden box, which makes a perfect gift for your friends and family.

Design: Seigaiha (pattern of waves)

■Set Includes:
Mt. Fuji Glass (Seigaiha) manufactured by Tajima Glass
Edo Inban Coaster (Navy x Red) manufactured by Maekawa Inban 
*One each

【Mt. Fuji Glass】Approx. Diameter: 9.2 cm Height: 9.5cm/270ml
【Coaster】Approx. 10 cm x 10 cm 
【Mt. Fuji Glass】Glass

■Made in Tokyo
■Brand: Tajima Glass
■Manufacturer: Tajima Glass
■Weight(g) (Product Only): 440
■Weight(g) (incl. packaging): 550
■Caution: Inban coaster is made of water sensitive materials, avoid keeping the 
coaster wet for a long period of time.


Item No. V05279999028

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Mt. Fuji Glass Set with Edo Inden Coaster - Seigaiha (pattern of waves) 5

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