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Kintairei Urushi Tumbler S Red Coating "Sakura"

₪ 1,177.46

In Stock V02225999028


Kintairei Urushi Tumbler S Red Coating "Sakura"

₪ 1,177.46

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A tumbler created from one stainless steel sheet using technique called squeezing which is one kind of metal processing. By spiral polishing the inside, a beautiful beer foam can be created.
On the brilliant lacquered surface, a gold lacquer technique is used to draw cherry blossom petals one by one.
An item where the skill of craftsmen and tradition shine through.
Please enjoy the soft shape which fits gently in your hands and the quality of the lacquer.
If you leave it in your refrigerator for a little while your drink will taste even better. 

■ Size details (mm): 64mm (diameter), 97mm (height), 250mm (capacity)
■ Weight (item only) [g]: 140
■ Weight (including packaging) [g]: 226
■ Materials: Body: Stainless Steel, Overcoat: Lacquer (Red), Decoration: Gold
■ Origin: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture
■ Brand name: Kintairei Urushi
■ Handling precautions:
-Wash with dish detergent before first use.
-Body is made of stainless steel plate with high heat conductivity. Do not use for hot liquids.
-Do not chill in freezer.
-Do not use in dishwasher/dryer, microwave, or direct flame.
-Do not leave salt or food waste on product for long periods of time.
-Clean well and dry with soft cloth after use.
-Store out of direct sunlight - may cause lacquer discoloration.
-Very rarely, lacquer may cause irritation. Stop use and consult a medical professional.
■ Other precautions: Individually handmade - color, pattern, and shape may differ slightly from image.

Item No. V02225999028

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